Ashvin D. Gidwani interviewed by BombayTimes

7th June 2017

From the article:

A popular name on the theatre circuit, Ashvin Gidwani who has created plays such as ‘Circus’, ‘Oh No! Not Again!!’, ‘Monkey Business’ and ‘Funny Thing Called Love’, talks to Bombay Times about the challenges with producing plays, his role models and his upcoming projects.

Why did you choose to produce plays and not movies?
Theatre was always a niche genre in India. I saw opportunity in producing theatre and saw opportunity to convert it into a business. Movies 20 years back was a completely different scene but now digital is the space to be in. The live experience is always enriching and people will always come out for good content. Producing is an ART contrary to what the greater world thinks. Producers are not only financiers but are the key instrument to the Production. From concept, script, direction, production design, tech, marketing, PR, sales/ business development, touring, roadmap etc.

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