Nicolai Friedrich charms APSN Beneficiaries


Did we take a moment to realise how fortunate we are,

To be born normal and be able to live in our creators light,

Then there are the special children who are radiant in spirit giving us meaning to life, If you put everyone together you will realise how special each one is, AGP World “Spreading The Happiness” is our CSR that takes Performing Arts to people enabling them to share our talent. It’s all about channelising what we do and it really doesn’t cost anything besides our time making it meaningful.

The maiden event is Nicolai Friedrich World famous Mentalist at Katong School, Singapore supported by APSN (Association for Persons with Special Needs)

An experience to remember – Ashvin D Gidwani

The Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) is proud to have NICOLAI FRIEDRICH, The Master of Illusion entertaining our beneficiaries on Friday, 5 May 2017 at APSN Katong School premises.

As part of the AGP World’s CSR programme, “Spreading the Happiness”, he has decided to do one Up Close & Personal show for APSN while he is here in Singapore for the very first time. This is definitely a rare gift for the beneficiaries of APSN and we are looking forward to witness an amazing family entertainment experience along with a mixture of visual artistry, fantastic comedy, and fascinating mental magic.

Nicolai Friedrich’s illusionism blurs the lines between science and mystery, perfecting a technique that incorporates classic magic and new creations of his own. The audience can expect mind reading and spectacular illusions, all delivered with Nicolai’s personal touch.

About APSN:

Since 1976, The Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) is a voluntary welfare organization providing special education for persons with mild intellectual disability (IQ 50 – 70) through a holistic approach in the development of academic, vocational and social skills.

The Association provides dedicated and specialized educational pathways aged 7 years to 21 years. The Centre for Adults provides continued vocational training and preparation for open employment age 17 years old all the way to adulthood.

APSN runs four special education schools namely APSN Chaoyang School (APSN CYS), APSN Katong School (APSN KS), APSN Tanglin School (APSN TS), APSN Delta Senior School (APSN DSS) as well as a Student Care Centre (APSN SCC) and a Centre for Adults (APSN CFA).

About AGP World

Starting out in India, AGP World has redefined the global theatre industry, promoting content both domestically and internationally. They have since branched out into other forms of production, and established strongholds in strategic locations supporting entire regions: With lighthouse offices in Mumbai for India, Singapore for the Far East, Dubai for the Middle East, Sydney for Australia/New Zealand & Johannesburg for Africa.

In India, AGP World entertains 60% of the English Theatre audiences with home-grown productions like Blame It On Bollywood, History Of India –VirWritten, Scent Of A Man, a theatrical adaptation of The Alchemist amongst others. Last year AGP World introduced and toured International shows like Stomp, Hotel Paradiso and stand-up comedian Jason Byrne Propped-Up in India. With plans to bring some of these International talents to Singapore and the regions around Singapore, it plans to pave the way with never seen before genres of entertainment.

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