There are no happily ever-afters. Suchitra Krishnamoorthi on the myth of ‘the one’

There are no happily ever-afters. Suchitra Krishnamoorthi on the myth of ‘the one’

From Hindustan Times

There is nothing as terrifying as a live performance if you’re making your debut. The actor meets the audience on the big screen, the writer through the written word. But the stage performer just has the imaginary fourth wall, which can come crumbling down with one tiny mishap.

Suchitra Krishnamoorthi who is both – an actor and a writer – was understandably tense before the first performance of her play Drama Queen, an adaptation of her 2013 memoir.

“I was so nervous,” she says of her stage debut in Mumbai last year. “My legs were shaking, my hands were trembling. I thought if I just survive the opening night, I’ll be okay,” she says. “Also because it is a play where I am singing live between the dialogues, so I was worried about missing my cues or singing out of tune,” she laughs.

But once on the stage, she realized she was in her element. “The high of performance is something else,” she says. And the responses to the play, which she will be brought to Delhi on Friday, she says, were overwhelming.

“So many people, especially women, have come to tell me: ‘You’ve spoken about things we don’t talk about,’ ‘my relationship with my amma is so much like yours’, ‘I am also a single mother. I have also been through this’. Once a woman told me it [the play] is exactly like her life.”

The story of my life

The play, like the memoir, looks at the emotionally turbulent years of Krishnamoorthi’s life and is set five years after her divorce from filmmaker Shekhar Kapur.

“I’ve taken a few events from the book and tried to convey the emotional graph of the character,” she says about the adaptation. “For example, there is a section where I go around asking all my male friends to marry me. So I took that as a base and wrote the rest of the play around that. Within that come all my relationships: all my friends, my family, my daughter,” says Krishnamoorthi.

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