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3 Worlds by Owais Husain

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Conveying moods and emotions is definitely an art and no one does it better than Owais Husain, son of veteran MF Husain, who has not only inherited his father’s artistic genes but also has a unique and classy style of expressing his artistic senses and ability to find inner beauty in the most mundane and normal objects.

The core of the show revolved around the fact that every human being is a storyteller and narrates stories either through work or to their children or to any other person. Therefore each person lives out their roles in taking the human race further, in whatever manner. Whether one chooses to or not, is irrelevant. Every painter is a cartographer of his or her time charting the directions of the current human imagination/spirit. This exhibition was a multi-dimensional endeavor, however humble, towards this goal.

Held in August 2010.

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