Nicolai Friedrich’s Zoom Event – For Singapore Only





In 2017, Nicolai performed to a full house at the Esplanade Theatre. He came to Singapore leaving his audience spellbound. This festive season, witness a virtual mentalism spectacle for the entire family. From mystery kits to predictions, this will be a roller coaster ride for the audience as Nicolai will perform and engage his audience for the word go!

Nicolai has performed over 3,000 shows all over the world namely in Germany, USA, Dubai, India, Hong Kong and his greatest takeaway is leaving his audience in shock and awe!

The last time when he was in Singapore he predicted the TOTO which was an unbelievable feat that Shin Min Daily News 新明日报 paper said that ‘this man could make anyone a billionaire with his predictions’. To humour his fans, he has unveiled the winning team of the World Cup Soccer in advance and even created illusions for renowned personalities like David Copperfield.