Nicolai Friedrich’s Zoom Event – For USA Only



Nicolai Friedrich is the world’s leading mentalist who hails from Germany. He has the skill to leave any audience in shock & awe! Sometimes you see him jumping out of an airplane while performing mind boggling tricks mid-air and sometimes he likes to drive his car blindfolded! He has even predicted the lottery!

What can you expect when this new-age master magician performs across the USA? Witness the maestro in action demonstrating his clairvoyance and even a Jedi mind trick! This is a groundbreaking virtual user experience that is power-packed with performances that you might have heard being whispered about in ancient arcane journals or hidden messages in movies. This show has everything for everyone… From mystery kits to predictions & more, making it the perfect family entertainer!

Nicolai has over 3,000 shows all over the world to his credit from Germany, USA, Dubai, India, Hong Kong. Nicolai has even unveiled the winning team of the World Cup Soccer in advance and created illusions for renowned personalities like David Copperfield.

Gold @ USD $49.99 – Audience participation + Mystery Kit

  • Mystery Kit will be shipped to your home and ticket holders will be able to interact with Nicolai.
  • Do note that VIP tickets will only be available for sale till January 9th while supplies last.

Silver @ USD $19.99 – Audience viewing only + Digital Mystery Kit

  • Digital mystery kit will be sent via email at least 2 hours before the event.
  • Do note that General Admission tickets will only be available for sale until January 23 right before the show while supplies last.