The Scent Of A Man

The Scent Of A Man

Set in the present day Mumbai, “The Scent Of A Man” is a riotous & uproarious adult comedy on lust, lies, and infidelity, pickled and flavored with a generous dose of caustic repartees, sharp wit, sly asides and unbridled sarcasm.

The action centers on two married couples – Nikhil, a successful advertising executive and his intelligent, but slightly neurotic wife Mallika & Tupperware lady Ananya & her husband Partho, a teacher. This adult domestic comedy will have you in splits from curtain up to curtain down and it won’t be long before you start to recognize characters and situations that may have appeared in your own life as the action unravels and reaches a crescendo in the love-quadrilateral gone awry.
Welcome on stage to ninety minutes of non-stop mirth from excellent Mumbai theatre!

Suchitra Pillai renowned Bollywood, theatre, and television actor, Deven Khote theatre actor and founder of UTV, Ashwin Mushran, Bollywood actor and singer, Bhavna Pani superstar of Bharati, a French Bollywood musical. They come together in an explosive comedy theatre performance.

Cast: Ashwin Mushran, Ash Chandler, Bhavna Pani, Suchitra Pillai and Deven Khote
Directed by: Ashvin Gidwani
Produced By: Ashvin Gidwani Productions


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