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  • 6th May 17
    • Nicolai Friedrich – The Best Mentalist Of The World
    • Singapore - Experiences - 07:00 pm
  • 20th May 17
    • 100th Show! – 2 to Tango, 3 to Jive
    • Mumbai - Theatre - 07:30 pm

AGP World

AGP World (formerly Ashvin Gidwani Productions) is a premier production house featuring Theatre events, Stand Up Comedy, Live Stage Shows and unique experiences.

AGP World is a Singapore company with presence in Asia, the Middle East, the UK, and Africa the USA with offices in Delhi, Mumbai & Dubai that manage the network seamlessly.

AGP World offers Theatre Production, Artiere and Experiential events with focused business solutions in the touring and corporate space. Their vision is to create intellectual properties across all verticals and customise them globally.

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