1st Project Exclusive Promo

AGP World is proud to be an exclusive partner for 1st Project!

Check out the beats, the rhythm, the energy and the excitement at 1st Project shows across the world. AGP World brings an exclusive partnership format to India, elevating the standard for live performances across the country.

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1st Project Biography

1st Project – South Africa’s pioneer industrial percussion act.

By using only drums to create what can be best described as ‘Aggressive Percussion!’, 1st Project has truly made their mark on the entertainment industry, they have continued to captivate audiences around the world with their unique musical style, passion, and vigor…

The concept behind the act was to change the common view of drumming groups – from campfire drum circles to stage performances of smashing drums and sweating out a live show that demands attention!

Since starting at a little music school in Johannesburg, they have played over 2000 shows, toured over 25 countries, and been featured in hundreds of media spots worldwide, marking them as South Africa’s biggest drumming act.

1st Project boast being the only drumming act to receive 2 South African Music Award nominations; win a World Music Award in China, as well as the first South African band to have a full one-hour music special on MNET and across DSTV South Africa, Africa, and Asia.

Do you suffer from percussive aggressive behavior?…


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