A dose of dark comedy – DNA India

A dose of dark comedy – DNA India

Anuradha Menon and director Deven Khote talk about their new play, Good Mourning.

The motivation for comedienne Anuradha Menon to do AGP World’s new play, Good Mourning, was that it’s a dark comedy. “What I enjoy most about my theatre life is that I’m never cast as the ‘ha-ha’ person. So, it gives me the opportunity to explore other facets of Anu and “play” with/off people,” says the actress. The piece is about the untimely death of Anuradha’s character Laila’s husband, Rahul, and an alcohol-soaked evening when her friends and family gather to offer her solace. Instead, it turns out to be one of acrimony and face.

For her, another reason to come on-board was that it’s actor Kavi Shastri’s debut as a writer. Not just him but Deven Khote also makes a foray into mainstream direction in theatre. Little wonder then, he is experiencing, “Equal doses of excitement, joy and absolute terror,” like he says, before adding, “But we have a great piece here, with a terrific team, a great script and an outrageously good ensemble.”

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