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Digital Genesis

Curators of Intellectual Properties. In the new normal we have migrated to film, streaming, digital & technology. Our 20+ years in live theatre & experiential events has evolved to hybrid formats using tech.

Our consciousness was awakened in the new normal, where the most important part of our business evolved into film, streaming, digital, audio/video content, virtual conferences to eSports. The strength lies in our Intellectual Properties and the pillars of identity, relationships, competitiveness & most important purpose.

Unscripted But Real

The strong digital foundation coupled with the genesis of our new digital arm AGP World One has empowered us to develop & and aggregate content in the digital marketplace.

Through our first pilot venture titled Unscripted But Real, we intend to inspire people to share their stories with the world because we truly believe that the best stories deserve to be told, paving the way for a new knighthood of filmmakers.

Streaming Events

Another new opportunity that we have explored & mastered is designing & executing customized virtual events. These are highly interactive virtual events in which the audience can partake in from the comfort of their homes.

Virtual Conferences

Using our proprietary tech we have meticulously designed, developed & executed virtual conferences. This high-tech platform offers 3D tailor-made auditoriums, event halls, branded stalls, real-time interactions, live keynote sessions, and video chat support that transcends any physical exhibition.

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