Blame It On Yashraj

Blame It On Yashraj

Once upon a time, around 54 BC (that’s before Bollywood Control), weddings in India were simple, rituals-linked-to-individual-community affairs. Then Bollywood changed the face of Indian weddings forever, making them all clones of a Punjabi Bollywood six-day wedding gala.

Blame It On Yashraj, is a hilarious English Comedy Play highlighting how a Punjabi – Bengali family, gets caught up in whirlwind wedding getting when their daughter decides to marry a Muslim boy.

Innovatively mounted with fast-changing video walls as backdrops, every scene and every emotion is enhanced with popular Bollywood music and moves, to even a hilarious parody of popular Bollywood tracks and an ensemble cast of well-known TV and stage artists.

It’s a mirror to your life being shown in reality, on stage. And when you laugh, you are laughing at yourself (and that’s the warmest laughter ever).

Cast: Ananth Mahadevan, Bollywood actor, director and four times national award winner, with his latest hit film Xpose, Jayati Bhatia television star from Sasural Simar Ka, Internet Wala Love and many more hit TV shows and others. AGP World would like to thank Yashraj Films for graciously allowing us to use their trademark ’Yashraj’ for this theatre play.
Written Directed By: Bharat Dabholkar, Bollywood actor who was a part of box office hits like Sanju, Sarkar 3, John Day.
Produced by: Ashvin Gidwani Productions

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