Anshu Mor: 5 Star Comedy

Anshu Mor: 5 Star Comedy

Mor fun with Anshu Classy, amusing and simply hilarious

Back in July of 2015, Anshu Mor was hosting an annual meeting at Microsoft. Just after the meeting, Roshan Abbas, a celebrated television host, walked up to Mor and said, “You are meant to be on stage”. That came as the final push for Mor to quit his job as India-head of Microsoft Xbox to pursue his desire to become a full-time stand-up comedian.

Anshu Mor is that corporate guy who left his job at Xbox India to become one of the fastest growing comedians in the country. His storytelling style of comedy has been appreciated across all age groups and all audience types, and he already has his new standup comedy solo ready with 5 Star Comedy. Having performed more than a hundred stand-up shows, Anshu Mor has found a wide base of following for his craft.

Anshu first went up on the stage with his first act about two years ago. Between 2016, when he started as a stand-up artist, and now, Mor has graduated from five-minute-slots to solo acts. “I was told by the people in the comedy industry that it mostly takes around a year before you do your first solo act. I’m thrilled I pulled it of in such a short time.” says Mor. From that day to this, Anshu has had a meteoric rise in the stand-up industry. Having performed for some of the biggest global brands both in India and abroad, he’s recognized as one of the fastest growing stand-up artists in the country.

His clean observational comedy and storytelling style has become popular among the audiences. Once again he’s set to take to the stage with his new solo on 27th July, at Sofitel Resorts, BKC Mumbai. 5 Star Comedy is set to host a stand-up special with Anshu Mor to bring an evening full of fun, entertainment and grandeur.

Do not miss this extraordinary stand-up show by the master storyteller, Anshu Mor.

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