Bottoms Up To Bharat Dabholkar

Bottoms Up To Bharat Dabholkar

The stalwart celebrates 30 years in the theatre industry

It’s been 30 years since Bharat Dabholkar first penned a play & never looked back!
The man behind many Amul Butter ads and billboards. Before he slipped into these roles, Dabholkar, a management graduate who studied law, started his career as a trainee in Philips.
It was in 1985 when Bharat introduced Hinglish to the Theatre which changed the way language was used on the Indian stage. It was the first time we had doyens of Indian theatre from Gujrati and Marathi theatre like Viju Khote, Shobha Khote, Vihang Nayak, Tiku Talsania acting together. The audiences loved it because the language and certain nuances of the play were completely relatable.
This ‘King of Satire’ has written more than 32 play with an exceptional record of having India’s longest-running musical play ‘ Bottoms Up’ to his name & not only this the second & the third longest running plays are his too.
Bharat Dabholkar still continues to follow his dreams of making people laugh.
Currently, his plays ‘Blame It On Yashraj’ & ‘Bottoms up X Rated’ produced by AGP World are running strong & breaking box office records.
We blame this director’s pure intellectual prowess which has continued to entertain us for all these years.

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