Comedically Serious: A Chat with Vir Das

Enter the amused response of Vir Das when I ungraciously complained to him about his entirely appropriate answers during our chat. Frustrated, I threatened to out him as a paragon of virtue and he gently rebuffed me with a “But, I know how to behave in interviews!”
Undeterred in my quest for controversy, I demanded he tells me something awful about himself. Without skipping a beat, probably because he felt sorry for me, he said: “Talk to me after the show is done!”

Ladies and Gentleman, meet the dapper gentleman of Indian comedy, Mr. Vir Das. Well adjusted, happily married with an adorably named bulldog (Dr. Watson!), Vir is claiming his own comedy corner with his brand of intelligent commentary and witty observances. Recently known for being the first Indian to have his own Netflix special, he descends on Hong Kong with a newer and updated version of his show “Battle of Da Sexes” in October. Supporting two charitable causes, the show has been reloaded and updated for the events of today.

It is near impossible to resist Vir’s easy manner. A bundle of affableness, he wears his sincerity on his sleeve and is genuinely grateful for the opportunities that life has thrown his way. Slowly drawn into his good cheer and upbeat energy, we settled into our long chat…

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