DNA India: I said Yes to the Play immediately – Minissha Lamba

Exactly a week ago, Minissha Lamba made her debut on the theatre scene with her solo performance in Mirror Mirror. The psychological drama is a story of sibling rivalry and had the actress enacting 13 characters on stage! The positive feedback has encouraged the actress to give this platform a serious thought in the future as well. For the moment, though, Minissha wants to focus on doing more shows of the play. The actress gets candid about how she landed the role and her preparations for the same…

13 IN ONE!

Calling this an “extremely challenging role”, Minissha says she said yes to it the moment she heard the script. “I knew if I go home and take time to think, I might talk myself out of doing such a difficult piece. So, I immediately said yes. If you’re committed, you can’t back out,” she reasons. Was it a nerve-racking experience to be on stage for the first time? “It was,” she admits, “Even more so because it’s a solo play. I wouldn’t have been so worried or nervous if I had other actors on stage with me but here, it was just me. If you mess up, it’s on you, if you do well, it’s on you. There was a huge amount of pressure to deliver,” she says.

Playing 13 characters on stage was no mean feat for the actress but Minissha says the 40 days rehearsals with director Saif Hyder Hasan helped a lot. “The play is from the protagonist, Minal’s point of view, who is narrating the story of her life and instead of other actors playing a part in the narrative, I play all of them,” she tells us.

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