Honeycombers interview Nicolai Friedrich

The world’s best mentalist Nicolai Friedrich brings a bagful of classic magic tricks, new creations, illusions, comedy, science, and mystery to Singapore

Ever witness a magic trick and find yourself going “What sorcery is this?” We may not have the answers and a magician never reveals his secrets, but we can guarantee you a spell-binding show that mixes the art of magic and mind-reading with the technicality of science plus humour that will leave you in stitches!

Awarded best performer in the mental magic category at the FISM World Championship of Magic 2009 in Beijing, German illusionist Nicolai Friedrich will be making his debut in Singapore on 6 May at the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, putting on a performance that incorporates illusionism with a hint of science by combining traditional techniques with his own inventions. Be prepared to be randomly called on stage to be his assistant, or the subject of his experiment (not to worry, you’re in good hands; so far no one has disappeared permanently). Members of the audience will also get the opportunity to play magician, under his supervision, of course.

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