Interactive Events – The Mantra of Success

The new normal has created new opportunities & people across the globe have warmed themselves up to a new form of entertainment that they can enjoy with their loved ones right from the comfort of their homes, cars, offices… All you need is good internet connectivity and you can virtually login from any corner of the world.

Currently, people are literally spoilt for choices thanks to the plethora of virtual events available online and it has become a difficult task for them to zero down on something that they would like to watch… It’s pretty much like you open your favourite OTT platform to watch something new, fresh and entertaining and you then start browsing films/shows from one platform to another and are back to square one. Finally you give up and play something random, something that you know is not binge worthy but you still watch it to satisfy your hunger for entertainment.

There is variety no doubt but you have to admit that at the end of day it’s just a plain jane virtual event, very similar to watching a video on YouTube. Moreover, with people working out of homes these days, screen time has gone up 10 fold which has also discouraged the audiences from showing any kind of interest towards virtual shows. Now if you’re planning your next virtual event & are wondering how you overcome this hurdle & what do you do to ensure house full attendance?! Let me tell you, you are exactly where you should be.

The simple mantra that you need to follow is… repeat after me – story & gamification! Yes, these are the two magic ingredients (like the Chemical X in The Powerpuff Girls or like the Super Saiyan transformation in Dragon Ball Z ????)

At this point you must be wondering that wait, I already knew about this but let me be the one to tell you that almost 90% of the times the virtual events fail to establish a connection with the audience resulting in higher dropout rates. This is where the story comes in, think of it like a blessing in disguise, which needs to be incorporated from the early stages of planning. You need to ensure that every piece of information at any phase, be it marketing & promotions during the build up, in show performance and the post show thank you & feedback have the story incorporated, in some form or the other. The story needs to be crafted keeping in mind the attendees, the artist & performer and most importantly the purpose of hosting such an event. This will give you the clarity of how to lay the roadmap and the attendees the clarity on why they should attend.

The next one is gamification & possibilities are limitless. The moment you entice the users & they start engaging, you’ve hit a home run! The key here is to spice up your virtual events with just the right amount of activities which entice the users to partake in your show. You can host exciting giveaway contests which can start both pre-show or during the live show. Additionally, with the help of special props delivered prior, the artist/talent can overcome the limitations that restricts 2 way communication. Finally, don’t forget to use the features offered by various platforms to the fullest by hosting interactive polls, Q&A contests, raffle draws & maybe a special meet and greet at the end of the show. So the next time you host a virtual event, keep this magic mantra in mind.

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Written By – Aayushya 

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