Nicolai Friedrich’s India Tour

Nicolai Friedrich – The World’s Best Mentalist is coming to India for shows between 9-15 August and it would be an ideal opportunity to coincide it with any of your requirements.

His public shows are as follows –

  • 14th August at Tata Theatre, NCPA, Mumbai
  • 15th August at Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir, Bandra, Mumbai

Do you believe someone can read your mind? Nicolai Friedrich can!

Internationally renowned German Mentalist and Master of Illusion, Nicolai Friedrich creates an amazing family entertainment experience along with a mixture of visual artistry, fantastic comedy, and fascinating mental magic. NICOLAI was crowned “The Best Mentalist of The World” in Beijing 2009 and has since then performed in Austria, Switzerland, Greece, U.K, Malta, Mexico, Italy, Australia, Belgium, France, Spain, China, Turkey, India, Germany, Singapore and UAE with more than 5000 shows to his credit.

In addition, Nicolai conducts Keynote Speaker sessions for the Corporate diaspora. His unique skill is a guide to ‘persuasion through mentalism, memory enhancement, what is the Client thinking? How to achieve the impossible through mentalism’ are some of the topics relevant to the corporate world.

Nicolai gives insights into, how our thinking and perception works. Why don’t we see things that happen right in front of our eyes and are easily distracted? Why we even fall for simple deceptions, are easily influenced and manipulated.

And last but not the least, how can we outsmart ourselves with this knowledge in order to be more successful, healthier and happier.

With the right mindset, we are able to alter our view of reality and discover new opportunities. You will be surprised how easily things you regard as impossible, will become POSSIBLE!

Bring this show to help improve your perceptions in 2018.

For Corporate & Block Bookings: [email protected] or
call +91 22 61794400

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