Minissha Lamba visits to Miranda House for the Performance of Mirror Mirror

Bollywood Actress Minissha Lamba visited her college Miranda House and talked about the performance of her debut theatre show – Mirror Mirror and also to get her college degree.

The actress said while receiving a copy of her admission form, DUbeat – I finally got my degree!’. She visited the college along with Saif Hassan to discuss their play Mirror Mirror.

A series of talks and discussions held by Saif Hyder Hassan and Minissha Lamba, the director and lead actress of the play Mirror Mirror which will soon have an exclusive performance out here in Miranda House.

All heads were turned towards the door on the right when Minissha made an entry. She walked up to the stage with grace and laughingly apologised for her late appearance. She talked about her journey as an actress, the high and lows that performers have to face and how there are different thrills for getting to act on stage as well as the screen. An interesting aspect of acting she pointed out was that not all actors need to be exactly like their characters, just paint a realistic and believable picture. The very essence of acting is for the actor ‘to act’ like someone making the audience feel that the actor and the someone is one or the same thing.  To take a trip down memory lane, the principal also gave Minissha a printout of her original admission form. The funny thing was at first glance, Minissha thought this is her college degree (even though she left the college in the middle of her course back in the day) and yelled out ‘OH! I’M FINALLY GETTING MY DEGREE!’. This resulted in a roar of laughter in the hall.

Image Credits – Mitul M Jugtawat, the Photography Society of Miranda House

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