Outlook: A cappella is becoming mainstream now: The Magnets

Had it been the early ’90s, British band The Magnets would find it tough to make people understand their form of music.

But today after Hollywood films such as “Pitch Perfect” became a rage with the youth, one of the group members, Nic Doodson says they do not have to explain to the public that an a cappella band produces music using their vocal chords, without instrumental accompaniment.

In an interview with PTI, one of the bass singers of The Magnets says, “I think it’s becoming mainstream now. A capella is getting popular with movies like ‘Pitch Perfect’ and also music shows ‘The Sing Off’ in America.

“We’ve been doing this a long time and no longer do we have to explain that a cappella means ‘music without instruments’. For the first 15 years of our career, we had to explain that, so there’s certainly progress.”

Other members of The Magnets include Duncan Sandilands (bass), Callum McIntosh (baritone), Mathhew MaCabe (baritone), James Gibbs (tenor) and Ball (zee).

The band was formed in 1995 when some of the members met at University at London and decided to sing together.

“We started singing in a place called Covent Garden in London where you can perform on the street for money; when we had earned enough money to go to the pub and buy a few pints we’d stop singing and start drinking.

“Several years (and many pints) later we graduated from university and decided to try and see if we could make a living singing.”

And there was no looking back.

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