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The portrait of a starving artist is a romantic notion. He puts creativity ahead of market considerations; he’s a maverick genius who detests advertising space. Only, it doesn’t pay the bills. Theatreperson Ashvin Gidwani understands that well. So in his debut directorial effort – The Scent of a Man: Taste the Forbidden Fruit – he has made every effort to be innovative to draw in the crowds and rake in the moolah.

Like with the format — a hybrid of theatre and standup, with witty jokes and laugh-a-minute punchlines. The story, about two couples that discover some uncomfortable truths about themselves over the course of dinner one night, was born from a similar real-life situation Gidwani was witness to in Florida nine years ago. “People aren’t willing to wait anymore. So this is an 80-minute show without intervals – zippy zap. And it offers both men and women the scope to find themselves,” Gidwani explains.

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